Ditrolic Solar launches Zero Capex Solar Energy

Ditrolic Solar launches Zero Capex Solar Energy

The MESTECC Minister, YB Yeo Bee Yin would be launching Ditrolic Solar Innovative Payment Programme, SunLease that will be offered to commercial and industrial buildings in Malaysia.

The launch is in conjunction with YB Minister announcement on Thursday about Malaysia's new solar energy policy and her call towards more solar players to offer innovative payment programme for solar systems.

The flexible payment programme means that the solar asset would be owned by Ditrolic Solar and consumer would just need to pay for the clean energy generated by the system. This scheme would help to overcome the high capital cost barrier to own a solar system and give an option to consumer to pay for the solar electricity instead.

Such scheme is expected to significantly increase the deployment of solar energy systems throughout the country and in line with the needs of businesses to hedge against energy price hike, reduce operating cost and at the same time contributes towards a cleaner environment.

Alongside the national utility company TNB, Ditrolic Solar is the first solar company that will also offer consumers to pay based on the solar energy generated from their roof. For the first time in the country, all energy consumers can now choose how much they pay for their energy and to have a choice to choose between dirty energy and clean energy.