Southern University College Switches To Solar Energy

Southern University College Switches To Solar Energy

KUALA LUMPUR, 5 July 2021: Southern University College enters into a 20-year solar Power Purchase Agreement ( PPA ) with Ditrolic Solar, an established Malaysian clean energy solutions company. The agreement was signed between the Southern University College Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dato’ Vincent Tan and Ditrolic Energy Solution Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Tham Chee Aun. The ceremony was also witnessed by Southern University College President, Prof. Dr. Teh Geok Bee and Ditrolic Executive Director, Michelle Ong.

In view of the gradual popularization of solar power supply, many large-scale enterprises have enjoyed the benefits in switching to solar power supply. Southern University College, which uses a large amount of electricity, mooted the idea to implement this plan two years ago. After comprehensive discussions and reviews, Ditrolic Energy Solution Sdn. Bhd. finally stood out from the intense competition and was appointed as the solar electricity supplier of the project.

Southern University College’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dato’ Vincent Tan expressed that solar energy is one of the cleanest energy sources. It has the advantages of ease of deployment, low environmental impact, efficient and long-lasting renewable energy source. More importantly, Malaysia being located in a tropical region, enjoys summer weather all year round. It is highly suitable for harvesting solar energy to generate electricity. In addition, solar power has been widely used in the industry and the results are noticeable to all, giving the school confidence in the implementation of this plan. He also said that the solar power plan will have a positive effect on environmental protection and carbon reduction.

Dato’ Vincent Tan is confident in this win-win cooperation and believes that the installation of solar energy will not only benefit Southern University College's long-term development, but also contribute to reducing environmental carbon footprint in the Skudai community. He also hopes that this green energy supply plan will be able to receive tax rebates from the government.

Mr. Tham Chee Aun, CEO of Ditrolic Energy Solution Sdn Bhd, is grateful to Southern University College for giving the company this significant mission. Southern University College will be the first private higher education institution in Johor to purchase electricity from solar energy. Therefore, he is committed to  ensure the company would assist Southern University College in completing this landmark project. He specifically pointed out that this solar power plan not only provides green and clean energy, in addition to energy conservation and environmental protection, Southern University College will also be able to have the solar panel covering the two existing basketball courts.

In accordance with the solar power purchase plan, Ditrolic Energy Solution Sdn Bhd will install solar modules in the Southern University College main building, 4 student dormitories and basketball courts. Under this plan, Southern University College will save up to RM5 million in electricity bills in the next 20 years, which means an average annual saving of about RM250,000. The school will be able to use the money saved for the construction and development of the university, create a better learning environment, and nurture more outstanding talents for the country and the society. The additional covered basketball court in the plan will benefit students as well, so that they can engage the sport irrespective of hot or rainy season.

The guests participated in the virtual signing ceremony included Southern University College’s Chairman of the Board of Governors Mr. Mok Chek Hou, Vice President Mr. Lau Hock Kiong and Prof. Dr. Leong Loong Kong, Manager of General Affairs Mr. Goh Chee Qin, Ditrolic Energy Solution Sdn. Bhd. Marketing and Communications Manager Ms. Michelle Wee, and Business Development Assistant Manager Mr. Wong Choon Fuan.