Utility-Scale Solar System

Large Scale Solar (LSS) power plant solutions

Ditrolic Energy is a regional leader in large scale solar power plant solutions, serving fast-growing solar regions of South East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and the Far East. Successful solar project needs to be tailored from the start. Our services are designed with four phases of the project cycle:

Large Scale Solar Malaysia

Design & Development


Making Solar Bankable. All From A Single Point

We begin a solar project by supporting your early development activities. By communicating with all parties involved – investors, project developers, owners, etc., we help our clients gain the bigger picture and lay the steps needed to ensure long-term profitability. With broad financial structuring capability, we will support you with the financing of your solar investment.

Are You A Landowner ?


Ditrolic Energy has an eye for golden opportunities. We seek projects that benefit not only us and our clients but also the valued localities, striving to double their assets and create a more sustainable lived environment for everyone.

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