Utility-Scale Solar System

Large Scale Solar (LSS) power plant solutions

Ditrolic Energy is a regional leader in large scale solar power plant solutions, serving fast-growing solar regions of South East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and the Far East. Successful solar project needs to be tailored from the start. Our services are designed with four phases of the project cycle:


Operation & Maintenance


Operation Guaranteed, Value Assured

With more than 8 years of experience in constructing and operating solar power plants, O&M is an integral part of our experience.

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Real-Time System Monitoring

  • Allow system owner login portal to monitor electricity generation results by showing energy production & consumption day/week/year
  • Real-time monitoring with data collected at every 15-minute interval and stored in the main server
  • System failure warning alert
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Technical & Financial Monitoring

  • To ensure the system is operated at its optimum level
  • To take immediate corrective action for any failure to minimise the troubleshooting expenses
  • To maximise return on investment
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Final Inspection

  • To ensure all the components are functioning properly in a safe manner
  • Inspection of roof flashings, conduit, and service panel to ensure code-compliant installation
  • Review online monitoring system to ensure power production is occurring as expected
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Scheduled Maintenance

  • Comprehensive O&M schedule to keep solar PV systems operating properly
  • Flexible maintenance schedule to suit the specific client and building needs
  • A comprehensive maintenance plan consisting of continuous maintenance tasks
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Spare Part Management

  • Full responsibility for providing all spares needed for our clients
  • Maintain our own central stock holding of spares and replacement parts for all the components of a solar system
  • Always sourcing the best technology, regardless of brand or manufacturer
  • Warranty claims servicing, equipment replacement, and logistics for repairs or replacements, as and when required

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Ditrolic Energy has an eye for golden opportunities. We seek projects that benefit not only us and our clients but also the valued localities, striving to double their assets and create a more sustainable lived environment for everyone.

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