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Distributed Generation in Malaysia

Clean energy is gaining momentum among many businesses and corporations today. The benefits are immeasurable that if you’re not capturing it now, you might find yourself being left behind. Ditrolic Energy is here to assist you by helping you navigate through the clean energy landscape with flexible business models and solutions for distributed generation in Malaysia that suit your needs and budget.

On-Site Purchase

On-Site Purchase

Off-Site Purchase

Off-Site Purchase


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Expand your energy capacity with ease.

EnerGreen is our in-front-of-meter energy plan that offers the flexibility to purchase clean energy off-site. This option is ideal for clients who lack the space to install or expand their energy capacity on-site. We work with landowners, municipalities, utilities, corporations and communities to help clients acquire low-cost renewable energy through local utility-scale grid-connected plants via PPA. No upfront investment or operation and maintenance is required from the corporate buyer. Charges are only applicable for the power wheeled from the generation site to your respective premises.

Off-site Solar System

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Purchase and own your solar system instantly.

A straightforward solution to begin your solar journey right away. Our SunMax model allows you to purchase and own a solar system directly after project completion. Therefore, having complete control over your power, with professional support from our experts from A to Z. Installation, grid connection application to meter exchange and rebate facilitation, we support every stage of your solar project.

Why SunMax:

  • Up to 90% reduction on your electricity bills subject to system size
  • Pay loans and immediately enjoy free electricity
  • High quality and Tier 1 solar equipment

We want to help you start your SunMax journey. Our SunMax partner loan programme was initiated to help you adopt solar power with little upfront capital. Here’s how:

  • Apply for a green loan with any of our bank partners and get a 2% rebate under the government’s Green Technology Financing Scheme 2.0.
  • Receive tax incentives under the Green Investment Tax Allowance and Green Investment Tax Exemption schemes.
SunMax Partner Loan Programme

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Get clean energy within your purchasing power.

We make it our mission to make clean energy accessible to all. It should no longer be categorised as an extravagance but rather a necessity for the sake of a better tomorrow. With that vision in mind, Ditrolic Energy presents a plan to cater for businesses with insufficient capital to acquire clean energy at an affordable and steady price.

Our SunLease model:

  • Zero upfront fee
  • Monthly lease payment
  • Consistent and low electricity rates
  • Flexible terms to suit your needs
  • Guaranteed minimum solar distributed energy generation, or get compensated for any shortfall
  • Plan includes warranties, maintenance and monitoring
SunLease Solar Lease Plan
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