Battery Energy Storage System

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We help you store your energy until it’s needed. Our battery energy storage system solutions are available as a stand-alone system or paired with an integrated system package, whether it be solar, wind, or microgrid.


The Benefits Of Our Battery Energy Storage System

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Our battery energy storage systems are designed to work seamlessly with any business operation or utility network. It comes equipped with DC batteries, bi-directional inverters, and intelligent controller software to craft a smart energy ecosystem that maximises savings and prolongs battery life.

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Our state-of-the-art technology can gain fundamental insights to predict a building’s energy patterns quickly. By converting this data into intelligence, our battery energy storage system software can act autonomously in charging or discharging energy transmission to areas that have been calculated to add maximum value.

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The battery energy storage system is designed for maximum safety. It consists of a low voltage battery with a DC/DC converter for added electrical insolation. The integrated liquid cooling and heating system also helps secure thermal safety and improve performance and battery life.

Battery Energy Storage System Applications

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Peak Shaving

Willfully discharge your energy during peak demand to reduce steep power charges.

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Load Shifting

Distribute your energy consumption by shifting one load to another.

Demand Response Icon
Demand Response

Discharge or charge based on signals from a demand response administrator.

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Emergency Backup

Secure continuous power stream even when the grid is down.

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Have your very own localised grid that is independent of main power utilities.

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Ancillary Services

Support your local grid with your own power.

Capacity Firming Icon
Capacity Firming

Stabilise your renewable energy generation by dispatching stored energy when needed.

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Transmission & Distribution Support

Avoid the need for upgrades or expansions of infrastructure by supplying power at a distributed location.

There Are Several Ways You Can Add Storage

  • Direct purchase
  • Power purchase agreement (PPA)
  • Shared savings
  • PPA with shared savings

Each solution comes with different factors and solves different needs. Our team will help you navigate these options and fit you with the best solution for your business and bottom line.

Energy Storage Investment

Why Invest In A Battery Energy Storage System?

Energy storage offers cost savings, environmental benefits, and, more importantly, new flexibility for the grid. Hence, battery storage is increasingly playing a significant role in the operations of electrical grids.

  • Get more control over your energy
  • Adds resilience to your energy system
  • Continuous electricity supply
  • Adaptable to unique environments
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