Revolutionising renewable energy in Malaysia.
Ditrolic Energy is an integrated energy company delivering total clean energy solutions. We have played a pivotal role in the evolution of solar energy in Asia since our establishment in 2009, paving the way to a brighter, cleaner tomorrow. Our goal is to serve those who embark on clean energy transformation, providing solutions towards net zero-carbon energy.

Making Our Mark In The Global Energy Movement, Starting With Asia

Renewable energy in Malaysia and beyond.
As one of the largest Southeast Asian clean energy companies based in Malaysia, we provide various renewable energy solutions, primarily Solar PV systems. To date, our portfolio consists of more than 300MW of commercial, industrial & government projects across Southeast Asia and South Asia regions.

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Introducing You To A New Energy Mix

Renewable energy with fully integrated infrastructure.
Ditrolic Energy is more than a solar photovoltaic system provider. We offer a fully integrated infrastructure as a whole for renewable energy in Malaysia. We supply our customers with new energy mix solutions, including energy storage & other renewable energy sources, to enable access to clean energy in order to achieve net-zero carbon goals.


Our Journey So Far

Ditrolic’s story with renewable energy in South East Asia.
Take a trip with us down memory lane and uncover the efforts that have pushed us to do more.

Ditrolic Journey-2009


  • The establishment of our Solar PV business to promote renewable energy in Malaysia
  • First project to supply system to Myanmar
  • Installed the first on-grid system for our office in Malaysia


  • The set up of our Singapore office to cater for regional businesses
  • Elected for a project to design and supply 100 sets of off-grid systems to India
  • Commissioned for a 60kW system in Indonesia

Ditrolic Journey-2011


  • Commissioned for a 30kW system in Manila
  • Secured a 5.3MW project under the Malaysian Feed-in Tariff


  • Installed the first local turnkey utility-scale system in Southern Malaysia
  • Installed the largest rooftop system in Malaysia and Singapore regions

Ditrolic Journey-2013


  • Secured the second turnkey ground-mounted project
  • Completed a 13MW installation project


  • Completed over 300 PV systems in the Southeast Asia region
  • Installation capacity hit 20MW
  • Commanded 10% of the Malaysian market shares

Ditrolic Journey-2015


  • Completed total of 30MW projects
  • Clinched a 50M BOO Bangladesh project


  • The winner for the Singapore Changi Airport 3.6MW project
  • Grown our IPP portfolio to 60.7MW

Ditrolic Journey-2018


First company in Malaysia to complete more than 100MW of solar photovoltaic power plant installations worldwide


  • A total of 300MW of solar systems under management across the SEA region
  • Completed the largest overseas solar plan project with a 73MWp system capacity


Our Management Team

Your partners in sustainability.


Tham Chee AunGroup Chief Executive Officer

Tham Chee Aun

Tham Chee Aun

Group Chief Executive Officer

Mr Tham Chee Aun is the founder and CEO of Ditrolic Energy Group, a regional clean energy company, with over 12 years of experience in the field of solar and renewable energy in Malaysia and beyond. 

As one of the early starters of the industry, he has broad experience in business development, project execution, corporate and project structuring as well as wide exposure in renewable energy finance and contracts. In his capacity as the Group CEO, he provides strategic direction to the company and manages operations in the key strategic area of the group businesses.

To date, Mr Tham Chee Aun has successfully developed and owned more than 350MW of projects in various countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Bangladesh. He also sits on the board of a Chinese and European Fortune 500 Independent Power Producer subsidiary.

Jacky LeeExecutive Director (Special Projects)

Jacky Lee

Jacky Lee

Executive Director (Special Projects)

As well as being the CEO, Construction of Ditrolic Solar, Mr Jacky Lee is also the Executive Director of Ditrolic Solar (Sabah) Sdn Bhd and was the leading factor in Ditrolic Energy’s expansion into the East Malaysian market.

His professional experience in the engineering sector has proven him to be one of the company’s greatest assets, being an all-rounder in all project stages, from design and installation to developing and maintaining large-scale solar PV projects.

Michelle OngExecutive Director (Commercial Operations)

Michelle Ong

Michelle Ong

Executive Director (Commercial Operations)

Ms Michelle Ong is the driving brain behind Ditrolic Energy’s sales and growth. She improved and expanded the company’s sales programme from a field sales force orientation to a broader market approach, earning more returns and profit.

With eight years of hands-on experience in several large-scale Solar PV projects across Asia, she is a strong proponent for strategic and comprehensive renewable energy and sustainable business initiatives. These include introducing low carbon and low-cost power solutions to Malaysia and bringing innovative clean energy products and services to the region.

As proof of her competency and expertise, she has led around 400 Solar PV deployment projects, developed close to 65MW of Solar PV projects and generated 34 million USD in savings for our clients. Her passion and exceptional dedication to a sustainable future are hugely commendable.

Anthony SunGeneral Manager, Ditrolic Energy (Shanghai) Co.Ltd.

Anthony Sun

Anthony Sun

General Manager, Ditrolic Energy (Shanghai) Co.Ltd.

Mr. Anthony Sun is responsible for the project development, investment, construction, operation and maintenance for potential target customers in China region of the group.

He has fourteen years of experience in photovoltaic industry, including five years of overseas work experience. He has rich knowledge and practical experience in the upstream and downstream supply chain and project investment, contract performance, delivery, operation and maintenance of new energy industry.

Emmanuel R. YuExecutive Director, Ditrolic Solar Philippines Inc.

Emmanuel R. Yu

Emmanuel R. Yu

Executive Director, Ditrolic Solar Philippines Inc.

Mr. Emmanuel is responsible for the project development, investment, construction, operation, and maintenance for potential target customers in Philippines’s region of the group.

He started his career as Professor in Dept of Electronics and Communication of University of East, Philippines. He was a Chairman of solar system company, and he was also a President of a household appliances wholesaler.

Joanne YeoGroup Financial Controller

Joanne Yeo

Joanne Yeo

Group Financial Controller

Ms Joanne oversees all finance functions for the group. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant, a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), and a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). She began her career with an esteemed international accounting firm, Ernst & Young. Ever since, she continues to climb high on the career ladder, earning opportunities of becoming the head of finance of a construction company and the finance manager of Ecoworld.

Ms Joanne handles the group’s daily finance operations, coordination of budget reports, and the delivery of monthly group financial results. She ensures all business conducts comply with local, state and federal government reporting requirements. Furthermore, her refined business skills have proven to help strengthen internal controls due to her contribution to developing processes and accounting policies within the company.

Noor AzzizanHead of Project & Engineering

Noor Azzizan

Noor Azzizan

Head of Project & Engineering

As the Head of Project & Engineering, Mr Azzizan manages the technical and project engineers of Ditrolic Energy, leading projects to their on-time completion.

With over nine years of experience in the engineering field, he bears expertise in all aspects of service, design, project management and technical. His responsibilities include daily planning, managing and control of multiple projects.

Moreover, he assists the support sales team by imparting his technical knowledge, ensuring all business deals are well-drafted and secured with sufficient information. 

Kishok GuptaEnvironmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability Manager

Kishok Gupta

Kishok Gupta

Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability Manager

Mr. Kishok is responsible for the Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability for Ditrolic Energy. His dynamic and experienced Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability Manager to lead our organization in maintaining a safe, healthy, and sustainable work environment. The successful candidate will be responsible for developing and implementing EHSS programs, ensuring compliance with regulations, and driving sustainability initiatives. This role requires a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating risks, promoting a culture of safety, and championing sustainability efforts.


Daryl LaiRegional Lead, Commercial and Industrial Segment

Daryl Lai

Daryl Lai

Regional Lead, Commercial and Industrial Segment

As the Regional Lead, Commercial and Industrial Segment, Mr Daryl manage to overseeing and driving business activities within a specific geographic region, focusing on the commercial and industrial sectors. This role involves a combination of strategic planning, sales leadership, customer relationship management, and team management. The specific job description may vary based on the industry and company, but here is a general outline of the responsibilities and qualifications for a Regional Lead in the C&I Segmen

Moreover, he assists the support sales team by imparting his knowledge, ensuring all business deals are well-drafted and secured with sufficient information. 

Loke Kar HoeHead of Project Delivery & Operation

Loke Kar Hoe

Loke Kar Hoe

Head of Project Delivery & Operation

Mr Loke is Head of Project Delivery & Operation,His responsible for overseeing the successful execution of projects and ensuring efficient operations within an organization. The specific duties and qualifications may vary depending on the industry and company, but here is a general outline of the responsibilities and qualifications for a Head of Project Delivery & Operation

Wilson PuonHead of Integrated Clean Energy Solutions

Wilson Puon

Wilson Puon

Head of Integrated Clean Energy Solutions

Mr Wilson as the Head of Integrated Clean Energy Solutions, he will be a key leader in our organization, responsible for spearheading our clean energy initiatives and driving the development and implementation of integrated solutions. This role requires a strategic thinker with a deep understanding of clean energy technologies, strong leadership skills, and the ability to lead cross-functional teams to success.

Our Awards

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