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Ditrolic Energy offers a full range of support services that lets you breeze through your energy transformation and achieve your energy efficiency goals. Our commitment to our customers knows no bounds. Thus, every transaction we make is to provide you with a seamless experience of your power independence.


Energy Efficiency


Asset Management


Operation & Maintenance



Energy Efficiency

Innovative strategies for ultimate performance.

Switching to clean energy is the first step towards energy independence. Moving forward, owners must have proficient control over their energy consumption, maintaining a balance between low energy use, low cost and high productivity.

Introducing our smart integrated system that uses intelligence to secure efficiency, turning insights into savings. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and software, our digital systems have been proven to significantly boost flexibility and cost savings while minimising downtime and error.


Smart Integrated System For Energy Efficiency Malaysia

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Solar & Storage
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CHP & Backup
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Utility, Rate & Load
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Asset Management

You own it. We manage it.

Ditrolic Energy takes the measured, stable and independent approach to managing assets. Our asset management team holds a wealth of market knowledge that can only be attained through years of experience and success. We work closely with clients to understand their energy efficiency objectives and requirements and deliver the performance and service they deserve.

With 0MW of clean energy asset under long term management, we're one of the largest asset management company in Malaysia.

Solar System Supervision

Plant/Asset Performance Supervision

Combining expertise, processes and technologies, our asset performance supervision assures that your systems have the needed capability for optimal operating performance to meet today's dynamic business and production goals. We utilise the digital landscape to integrate, analyse, visualise and capture data to improve the reliability and availability of your energy efficiency investments.

Solar System Performance Reporting

Asset Performance Reporting

We offer a data-rich report that provides unsurpassed depth and breadth to your asset performance. We inform you of how well your assets are meeting their expectations and objectives. Otherwise, we will provide you with enough information to facilitate strategic and financing decisions for continuous improvement.

Operation And Maintenance Provider Management

Management of O&M Provider

We manage your operation and maintenance, overseeing all tasks and ensuring they fulfil their performance guarantees and are charged adequately. We have the upper hand in experience, being quick to solve unforeseen issues with creative and cost-effective remedies. By leveraging our skills, you have the time and energy to focus on running your business effectively.

Warranty Administration Services

Warranty Administration

Ditrolic Energy extends its capabilities to offer a wide range of warranty administration services, including service programs, customer service support, claims processing and service contracts. Our warranty programs are comprehensive and tailored to suit various sectors, including local businesses, government, industrial factories and more.



Operation & Maintenance

Protecting the future performance of your clean energy assets.

Rely on decades worth of experience and an industry-leading team of technicians, engineers, managers and support staff to optimise the performance of your renewable generation assets. We believe operation and maintenance is key in reaping the benefits of lower energy costs and energy efficiency. Hence, we provide a complete O&M solution that lets you understand and mitigate the long-term issues that could impact your asset’s performance and value.

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