Hotel Penaga

Penang, Malaysia

Business Concern

Hotel Penaga, located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Georgetown, is a charming hotel that houses 50 rooms fully furnished with antique classics. The hotel is the first heritage restoration in Malaysia to receive the Green Mark Certification from Malaysia's Green Building Index. As part of the blending of the concepts of heritage preservation and modern technology, much effort has been taken for this special green project to ensure good integration of the architecture and green technology that will eventually be presented on the facade of the hotel. The project will also help preserve the city's great and historic landmarks that document its rich heritage.

“We inspire our guests to be more responsible in their energy consumption"

The construction of Hotel Penaga had also involved other green efforts such as the use of recycled materials in its prior refurbishment. Wife of the owner and main architect of Hotel Penaga and avid environmentalist, Mrs Angela Hijjas said, “We hope that our investment will also inspire our guests to be more responsible in their energy consumption, particularly with air-conditioning. By showing that we consider it a priority by investing heavily in energy harvesting, they may give more thought before they decide to crank up the thermostat.”

"Seamlessly integration into heritage building"

Working with Ditrolic Solar, a specialist in building integrated solar PV technology, SANYO has successfully managed to seamlessly integrate part of the PV system into the roof of the hotel itself. Part of the PV system was mounted on the original timber structure of the building while another part was retrofitted onto the back of the roof that is nicely concealed from public view.


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Solar PV Sytem
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0 MWh
Estimated Annual CO2 Reduction
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Completion date
December 2010