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Net Zero Projects

Uncover The Stories Of Our Customers’ Sustainable Energy Journey


Ditrolic Energy engages with various sectors across Asia, providing clean energy solutions to whomever and wherever. Our long list of satisfied clients in diverse industries is clear evidence of our efforts to break new grounds through sustainable innovations.


Airports have energy consumption equivalent to small or medium-sized cities. Take a look at how we help significantly reduce carbon emissions and operating costs. 
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Our energy management expertise addresses the productivity and efficiency of process-related systems while reducing the carbon footprint made by huge industrial processes.
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Data Centre

We installed integrated renewable energy solutions to replace the tremendous energy consumption in data centres, lowering costs and increasing power independence. 
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Commercial & Retail

We improve profitability while adopting sustainability practices through demand-side and supply-side energy solutions. 
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Educational Institution

We incorporate integrated renewable energy solutions into school facilities, gaining energy savings and extra funds that goes back into the institution's curriculum and development.
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Our front-of-meter projects are one of our largest successes. Discover how we deal with utilities and transmit clean energy to surrounding communities through local power lines.
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Our portfolio is diverse and expansive because we are equipped to take up any challenge. Find out how we’ve helped these niche markets convert to green energy.
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