Wind Energy

Generating clean energy for future generations

Harnessing The Wind For Power

Ditrolic Energy guides you through the entire process of your wind energy project, whether it is a utility-scale wind project, an on-site wind turbine for off-grid power, or wind power procurement from utility companies. We offer the full-service wind solution – design, construction, operations, maintenance, management, procurement, retrofits and upgrades.


Our Wind Approach



A Development Plan That You Command

This stage comprises a holistic first step in approaching your wind project. By being meticulous from the very beginning, we will identify all opportunities and risks, furnishing you with all vital information that lets you make an informed decision.


Pre-feasibility Studies

Through detailed analysis, we let you know if your wind project is worth doing.

Environment Due Diligence (EDD)

We assess all environmental conditions and potential liabilities for effective due diligence.

Design & Engineering

Understanding your needs and budget and enforcing them into the design.

Site Assessment

Reviewing historical data, conducting interviews with local authorities, and carrying out site surveys to fully understand the potential and limitations of your site.

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting all international and local design regulations to achieve high-quality operational transparency.