Making Zero Carbon Malaysia a Reality

Making Zero Carbon Malaysia a Reality

Essentially, you can think of zero carbon Malaysia as the nation’s shared goal of cutting down carbon emissions by substituting polluting fossil fuels with renewable, clean energy. Zero carbon refers to no carbon are emitted from a service or product.

In 2021, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri bin Yaakob announced Malaysia’s aspiration to realise the notion of zero carbon Malaysia by 2050. Aiming to enrich people’s lives, the prime minister declared that the Government targets to lessen the severity of greenhouse gas emissions of gross domestic product (GDP) by 45% in 2030, compared to the 2005 level.

Although Malaysia generates no more than 0.7% of global greenhouse emissions, Dato’ Sri Ismail stated that the Government would implement significant economic measures such as carbon pricing and carbon tax. Additionally, the prime minister urged companies to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions to transition to a carbon-neutral country.

Read on for all you need to know about zero carbon Malaysia and the clean energy services that Ditrolic Energy has to offer to cater to the ever-growing global requirements. Our advanced solutions are made to suit your circumstances and needs.

The Significance of Zero Carbon Malaysia

The emissions of carbon and other greenhouse gases absorb and radiate heat. Every year, more and more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. As a result, the intensity of atmospheric carbon dioxide increased, exacerbating our planet’s natural greenhouse effect.

To add, limiting carbon emissions and perpetually striving to achieve the zero carbon Malaysia aspiration is our best bet in tackling climate change. In fact, it might be our last chance to halt climate change and gain the upper hand against global warming.

Hence, we need to ensure the carbon and greenhouse gases emissions drop to zero to mitigate the adverse repercussion of climate change. To do so, we must adopt sustainable choices as zero carbon Malaysia is critical in transforming our present world into a better future.

Turning Zero Carbon Malaysia into Reality with Ditrolic Net Zero Solutions

Ditrolic Energy supports and strongly manifest the notion of zero carbon Malaysia. Rather than waiting for change to happen, Ditrolic Energy aims to become the change agent by offering a comprehensive suite of net-zero solutions tailored to every business and organisation.

Our compelling 360-degree EnerLoop solutions deliver robust and reliable clean energy solutions with exceptional range of services. With our future-proof technology, you will be getting the best zero carbon electricity solutions while proactively contributing towards Zero Carbon Malaysia.


SunLease produces cheaper electricity with zero upfront cost so that you can save money and the environment. The revolutionary and affordable solar energy programme offer much lower tariff compared to your regular grid tariff due to efficient development of system and low cost of solar clean energy deployed at the place of consumption.

Simply pick the suitable solar power package from our attractive and competitively-priced solar tariff plan. SunLease redefines solar resource services by providing a zero Capex programme for the site owner and total handling of maintenance, performance monitoring, repairs, and insurance.


Our energy storage solutions are available as a stand-alone service as well as an integrated system package. The system captures the energy and stores it for later, so you can use the power anytime if needed.

Renewable energy such as wind and solar are not always available. Thus, a battery energy storage system is less reliant on the power grid, offers more control, is adaptable, and provides a continuous electricity supply.


EnerXav is an established energy efficiency solution developed based on data-driven insights. The programme gradually decreases energy consumption, enhances energy efficiency, and delivers:

  1. Passive and efficient design, construction and operations
  2. Measurement and verification
  3. Sustainable occupant behaviour artificial intelligence


EnerGreen is a flexible green tariff programme that offers long term green tariffs for businesses and organisations. Meet and exceed your sustainability goals with EnerGreen.

Swiftly monitor your energy performance as this green electricity programme includes an Environmental Attribute Certificate (EAC) an energy tracking certificate. We offer two types of power purchase agreements (PPAs), namely, direct PPA and sleeved retail PPA.


Focusing on wind energy, EnerWind is a sophisticated technology solution specialising in the design, production, and installation of wind turbines. As a trusted solution in the wind energy industry, EnerWind generates efficient renewable energy with ease.

Nowadays, wind power sources have been steadily getting the spotlight. Hence, we deliver a complete service of guiding you of your wind energy project, including:

  1. Design and development
  2. Financing
  3. Engineering, procurement and construction
  4. Operation and maintenance

Green Certificate

Offset your corporate carbon emissions with Green Certificate. Purchasing carbon offset which comes from sources such as through other renewable energy plants, reparations projects like forest management and reforestation etc. are your opportunity to offset your carbon footprint as well as restore the balance.

The Green Certificate programme has an effortless application. What’s more, it provides an efficient and effective way to achieve sustainability goals and promote renewable energy development.

Why Choose Ditrolic Zero Carbon Strategies

At Ditrolic Energy, we truly believe that clean energy should be accessible for all. Thus, we seek to provide a complete clean energy solutions that is suitable for all segment of businesses.

As Asia’s leading clean energy provider, we are committed to helping you progress towards a sustainable future. With our wealth of experience, we redefine a greener and cleaner energy landscape designed to promote growth, proven by our diverse list of satisfied clients.

Revolutionary Renewable Energy Solutionists

Ditrolic Energy is a provider of advanced solutions. Championing the future of zero carbon Malaysia, we’ve partnered with prominent Global and Malaysian companies such as Nestle, DSM, IHH Healthcare, Petronas Power, Panasonic, and Daikin, amongst others to reduce their carbon footprint. We lead businesses and organisations to a better and more sustainable future.

Certified and Reliable

We deliver the best available options and cater to your demands as well as specific requirements. As a certified green energy supplier, Ditrolic provides Energy Attributes Certificates (EACs) to guarantee the electricity generated from viable renewable sources. With EAC, you can conveniently track your clean energy usage and trade.

On-site and Off-site Generations

We offer tailor-made net-zero services for every sector. Our flexible business models ensure that your every need are met. For your convenience, we provide both on-site purchases (SunMax and SunLease) and off-site purchases (EnerGreen).

Enhance Energy Efficiency

Our net-zero solutions are strategic and sustainable frameworks designed to enhance energy efficiency and mitigate the overall effects of climate change. Our smart integrated systems have been proven to improve performance and productivity. With Ditrolic’s selection of flexible net-zero solutions, you can expect nothing less than the best.

Kindly visit our webpage for more information on Ditrolic’s net-zero solutions.

Prepare for Zero Carbon Malaysia with Ditrolic

Begin your sustainability journey and get in touch with our knowledgeable net-zero specialists. Let us help you welcome a positive change by leading sustainable progress and scalable economic growth through clean energy transformation—so you can do well and do good.