Distributed Solar System

Customised rooftop solar panel systems and solutions.

Our distributed energy solutions may serve a single structure, such as homes or businesses, as well as major industrial facilities and educational institutes. Our professional team of engineers, technicians and construction managers work together with you to design a system that supports the delivery of clean, reliable power to your organisation while reducing electricity losses along transmission and distribution lines.


Our Distributed Solar Solutions


Better Energy, Better Solution

Ditrolic Energy’s financial experts help you secure and negotiate the best payment or financing solution for your solar commercials projects. As an independent third-party facilitator, we work with multiple financial institutions to help you get the most attractive rates and terms.

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Commercial Solar Solutions Delivered

Your Business, Our Solution

Ditrolic Energy offers a range of solar solutions, so there’s one to suit your business’ budget and financial situation. Whether the business goal is to maximise financial returns or find an easy solar solution to save money for your business and help the environment, there is a solution that would work for you.

Pay the full amount prior to installation and own your solar system outright.

If you're looking to purchase a solar system outright, we can design and install one for you — and then we'll hand over the ownership. You'll have the support of our experts throughout the entire process, from installation and grid connection application to meter exchange and rebate facilitation.

With our SunMax option, you get the following benefits:

  • You would own the system
  • Take advantage of tax incentives if the business has a high enough income and has accountants to navigate through the paperwork of getting the incentives back from the government
  • By taking out a solar loan or adding the purchase cost of solar to your mortgage, you eliminate the financial hurdle of paying for your solar system in one hit. This is often a major deterrent for potential solar customers. Instead, you will pay off your solar system over time by making monthly repayments. Tailored solar, or green loans, range in terms of anywhere from between 3 and 10 years.

Design a leasing agreement that is in line with your business financial goal.

Solar energy is a great way to reduce operating costs – but not every business has the money to pay for a solar system upfront. That's why Ditrolic Energy has introduced the solar SunLease for business.

The solar SunLease is a model where Ditrolic Energy installs a solar system on your roof, and you simply pay a monthly lease for the system. With it, you're guaranteed a minimum solar energy generation, or you get compensated for the shortfall. In many cases, it will be less than what you pay for your peak electricity off the grid. It allows your business to start saving as soon as installation and connection are complete. Plus, we take care of all warranties, maintenance and monitoring for the duration of your agreement.

  • $0 upfront to help you preserve your capital
  • Enjoy predictable low, long term solar electricity rates
  • Flexible terms to suit your needs